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Dings and dents can come from everything from runaway shopping carts to hail storms. Using the PDR method, we can repair your car, truck, van, or SUV in a timely, professional manner, getting it back in shape and back on the road as quickly as possible. 


Colorado Hail Statistics

Colorado's damaging hail season is considered to be from mid-April to mid-August. Colorado's Front Range is located in the heart of "Hail Alley," which receives the highest frequency of large hail in North America.  In the last 10 years, hailstorms have caused more than $3 billion in insured damage in Colorado.  

If you carry comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, hail damage is covered by almost all insurance companies. Comprehensive insurance is optional, but if you live in a hail prone area, the insurance industry recommends this coverage. 

Hail damage is considered an act of nature; therefore your rates shouldn’t go up as a result of your claim. However, the year after a large hail storm may see insurance companies raise comprehensive rates for everyone and homeowners insurance may increase due to roof replacement claims. 

Why BumperDoc?

Just a few things that make us your first choice: 

•All in One Auto Appearance Shop: Hail Repair, Collision Repair, PDR, Detailing, Window Tint, Clear Bra, Wheel Repair and more

•Serving Colorado Springs and Surrounding Counties since 2011.

•Complimentary quotes. Stop by any time we’ll be glad to review repair options with you.

•Insurance claims welcome. We just need your claim number and we handle the repair process and make it seamless for you.

•Competitive rates: BumperDoc will save you money and time.

•Fast, friendly, honest! BumperDoc Franchises has been a trusted service provider in the auto body repair industry since 1998.

•Walk-ins welcome. No need for appointments stop by and talk to one of our friendly and professional estimators.

•BumperDoc is a Green Business. We use waterborne environmentally friendly paint and we try to repair before we opt for a replacement.

•Lifetime warranty on all our work. 

If your car has hail damage, call BumperDoc today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

•By using specialized tools BumperDoc certified technicians remove dents by gently massaging the metal from its underside until it returns back to its original showroom form. Damages may also be repaired by bonding a ‘tab’ or other device to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the outside. By using either one of these techniques, our technician is able to restore the panel’s appearance to pre-accidental condition without altering your vehicle’s original color or finish.

How much does it cost to repair hail damage?

•Hail damage pricing is based on how many dents and what size each panel of a vehicle has. So it varies from couple hundred dollars for a few dents on one panel to thousands of dollars for vehicles with a lot of damage.

Do you recommend using PDR or replacing panels?

•We recommend using the least obtrusive method possible to get your vehicle back to pre-damage state. We will always consider PDR first however if the panel has too much damage a replacement would be the best option.

I am not sure how much damage I have or if it is even worth filing an Insurance Claim. Can you help with this?

•Not a problem. Call BumperDoc at 264-6266 to set up an appointment for a quick, free ballpark estimate. We will look at your vehicle with you and go over how hail is quoted. 

How can you help with my hail insurance claim?

•Bring your estimate into BumperDoc and we will make the repair a seamless process.  We will take care of any Supplements for additional damage discovered and make sure your rental car is extended if needed. Supplements have no effect on your deductible and are an everyday part of working with insurance companies. If your insurance company states that either they or one of their “Approved” shops (read into this “shop under Insurance Company contract”) has to do the initial estimate that is ok. It is always your choice where to get your work done. It is actually an illegal practice called “steering” for an insurance company to say you have to use a certain shop. BumperDoc offers the same guaranties as body shops under contract with the insurance companies. The big difference is that we are beholden to YOU the Customer, not the Insurance Companies. 

Initial car insurance claims are notoriously under-assessed. The insurance companies benefit by you thinking the hail damage isn’t too bad therefore cashing the check for $2000 (when there is actually $6000 in damage) and using the money for something else.

BumperDoc will make sure your repairs are done right and on time.

I am thinking about buying a car with hail damage. Can you help me with this?

•Absolutely. BumperDoc will be happy to give you a free rough estimate and go through how hail is estimated to assist you in not getting taken advantage of. 

Are you locally owned? What if there is any warranty work later on?

•BumperDoc has been at the same location for nearly five years. We will not pull up our inflatable tent and be gone the next week. Our hail technician lives in Colorado Springs, so you can rest assured we will be here for any questions. On the rare occasion there is warranty work we will take care of you.

How long does hail repair usually take?

•Full body hail repair can usually be done within a week. 

If your vehicle has hail damage call us at 719-264-6266. BumperDoc will make sure your repairs are done right and on time!